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Testimonials ★★★★★

“I booked Carole for a Wardrobe Wake-up as I had so many clothes that either didn’t fit, didn’t suit me or I didn’t like any more. She spent 3 hours going through a lot, including clothes, accessories and jewellery. She has a really good eye for colour and, having identified my ‘season’ (Autumn) spent time selecting items that would suit my colouring, shape and style. We also chose a lot of items to be sent to charity shop or dress agency (four big bags.).

Carole is very kind, friendly and helpful. She made some really useful suggestions and was thoughtful in the way she discussed things that might not be right for me. I had been slightly nervous about showing her my old clothes but needn’t have worried. She was considerate and non-judgmental. A very therapeutic and enjoyable experience.

Follow-up was also very useful, summarizing her advice and tips plus suggestions for websites for clothes, accessories and Jewellery, plus make-up ideas. I am now considering a follow-up shopping expedition with Carole. I would highly recommend her as a highly professional style consultant and excellent person to help identify your personal look.”

Z.D, Lancashire

Testimonials ★★★★★

“Carole – How can I thank you enough…. what a revelation! I feel totally cleansed and ready to fight battle with clothes shops now, armed with your good guidance.

The notes you have given me are perfect and will certainly put me on the right track – next time you see me, you won’t recognise me!

I was waxing lyrical about you last night and will do to anyone who will listen to me…. as soon as you have some cards ready, I will be throwing them around like confetti – you have an excellent skill and your very kind and sympathetic manner only adds to the whole experience – it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you and I couldn’t believe how the time flew by.

Many thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon”

AF, Lancashire

Testimonials ★★★★★

“I really needed Carole to come to sort out my wardrobe as I had a lot of clothes and had a real fear of letting go of them including quite a lot of my late Mother’s clothes.

I have a sporty/casual wardrobe but needed a smart look for networking other than my usual trousers and top.

I also needed to look my best for Black tie and more glamourous occasions.

I like good quality clothes in natural fabrics, such as pure cotton and wool.

First Carole very carefully and sensitively helped me to sort through my late Mother’s clothes. Mum had bought a lot of very high-quality items and was always very well turned out. Carole offered to take a lot of these to Cinderella Me for re-loving and I kept a few pieces which suited me. She was very aware of my feelings throughout this process and when I had a “wobble” she was right there for me with her comforting arms.

Next, we went through all my clothes. I got rid of a lot of black which doesn’t really suit me. Carole divided my wardrobe into sections including, work, sport, special occasion, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter outfits. Carole put together outfits for me which I would never have thought of!

Then we organised my holiday wardrobe as I was going away at the end of that week. In future I will be able to pack my case in no time at all as Carole organised my wardrobe with a specific holiday section.

She also advised me on some of the “gaps” in my wardrobe for example to look for white trousers, a fluid pair and a more fitted pair. One of these I was able to buy in Cinderella Me, and the other I found in my wardrobe which I hadn’t worn for absolutely years!! They still fitted me, and Carole showed me various looks I could achieve using my existing tops.

I now find that I have fewer clothes, but more outfits and I know what to buy and what to avoid.

More than a clearing out of clothes for me was an emotional clearing as well. Every woman needs Carole to “hold her hand” through this process.

Thank you, Carole”

AC , Windermere

Testimonials ★★★★★

“Having spent many years buying clothes that I liked on the hanger in the shop I kept wondering why I never wore some of them. I saw Carole present her Wardrobe Wake up and related to what she said so decided to invest in a session with her.

Carole approached the session in a way that made me feel comfortable…even though I knew I’d be saying goodbye to some of my clothes!

She explained what colours, materials and styles suited me and why and as predicted I had a pile of unsuitable clothes! When I went shopping for the first time after our session, I approached it with a completely different mindset and bought a few items I knew wouldn’t sit in my wardrobe not being worn! I avoided looking at items I liked the look off and stuck to the advice Carole had given. My wardrobe now has brighter colours in it that also work with each other.”

KJ, Workington

Testimonials ★★★★★

“I had a wonderful Wardrobe Wake-Up with Carole!

Carole helped me to understand the styles that suit me and those which don’t and so increased my confidence in choosing and wearing my clothes. She created new outfits by clever combinations of existing items – a few things that have sat in the wardrobe for 15 years have been rejuvenated! We identified things to sell or give away and Carole suggested a few basics to add to my wardrobe.

I had been nervous about inviting Carole, who is always so stylish, to view my wardrobe as I have a lot of old clothes that I am attached to! However I didn’t need to worry, Carole is sensitive and constructive and it was an enjoyable and exciting afternoon and I feel renewed confidence in dressing for any occasion!”

Beth, South Lakeland

Testimonials ★★★★★

“This afternoon I had a very scary but inspiring experience from my friend Carole Greenland who made a ‘start’ on decluttering my wardrobe! I have never taken the plunge to ‘get rid’ ever, so it was a major task for me and for Carole who handled my request very delicately but firm. The experience was like an introduction to my clothes for the first time. Carole also gave her expert opinion on certain clothes matching other items of clothing that you wouldn’t have necessarily have seen for yourself. If you feel like me, unable to let go, give Carole a call at Wardrobe Wakeup. Xx”

J.F, Kendal

Testimonials ★★★★★

“Carole came to my rescue with her wardrobe wake up service. I had too many clothes and didn’t know which ones to discard and which ones to keep. It was all getting too much so my new year present to myself was to book Carole. She quickly helped sort through which ones suited and which ones didn’t . She even used her knowledge of colour analysis to show me what I should buy and what to avoid. We managed to cut my wardrobe in half then she showed me ways of rematching new outfits so I could get maximum use of the clothes I had. Best of all she did it without judgement or condescending attitude. It was a real friend in need situation with practical advice to get the job done. Definitely a service I would recommend every year !”

L.B, Windermere

Testimonials ★★★★★

“Carole worked her magic with my wardrobe, I was delighted with the results, the tips she gave me and how to wear my colours where a revelation to me, and the follow-up information was most welcome too.

I am happy to recommend her services to all my friends.”

BN Cumbria

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